Orchid Document Management Link

Sage 300 Multiple document and files Enhancement

What is Document Management Link (DML)?

DML allows you to link multiple files and documents to Sage 300 (Accpac) fields and lets you access them from your existing Sage 300 screens.  This could be for transaction documents and take the combinations of 2 master files, customer and items, or vendor and items. 

How It Works


Rename documents or files with your own naming conventions and manage documents. Control which folders are accesible to which user roles. Set up naming convention rules for files transferred between your file sharing system and Sage 300.

Document Storing & Sharing

Access and manage documents between Sage 300 and your file sharing system (Share Point, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive). Set the default file server folder on Sage 300 that will be mapped to your cloud-based file sharing service.

DML Alert Box

Users will be alerted of any documents that have been linked to field values on the Sage 300 screen. This notfies the user that they can open approved documents or add new ones. Anytime there are name changes or new files added, the DML Alert Box will trigger.

Benefits of DML includes:

  • Improve customer service timelines by getting rid of the wait time needed to retrieve documents from a physical location or wait on approval to access them.
  • Prevent crucial documents being lost on a user's desk or being inaccessible due to physical location.
  • Expand your business's footprint by making hard copies of support documents accesible via Sage 300

Additional Sources

Watch Now: Document Management Link Demo

duration: 12:03 minutes | Demonstrates the key features of Orchid's Document Management Link add-on module for Sage 300. Add, view and access relevant documents from within Sage 300, linked to specific fields.

Watch Now: Document Management Link Demo

duration: 14:53 minutes | Configure and use Orchid's Document Management Link (DML) add-on module for Sage 300.