No Catalog exists when opening a Report in FRx


Error: “No catalog exists” when opening a report in FRx for Sage 100 ERP


Sage Customer Support does not provide assistance for issues related to third party products or enhancements, hardware, report customizations, state or federal tax-related questions, or specific accounting questions. Please contact your Sage business partner, network administrator, or accountant for assistance.


Perform one of the following:

  • In FRx, the default Specification Set for the company is incorrect.
    • On the Company menu, click Specification Sets.
    • Click the specification set name.
    • In the Location field, and select the correct FRxRpts.F32 or any *.F32 file in the Sysdata folder.
  • The existing reports were not upgraded during the FRx installation process. When No is selected to the “Upgrade Spec Sets?” message, the prior reports are not upgraded to the current FRx version. If the reports are not upgraded, the reports must be recreated.