Zoho CRM: How can I Delete Users Permanently from my CRM Account?

When a member of your organization quits or is replaced you may have to delete the member from you CRM account. When you delete a user,

  1. You cannot undo the action. If you don’t want the member to access CRM but you are not sure about deleting the user, you can deactivate them.
  2. The records that belong to the deleted user remain in Zoho CRM. You can transfer them to another member at any time. It is recommended that you transfer the records before you delete a user.
  3. You cannot reinvite a deleted user. If you extend an invitation to a user you have deleted, the user will be added again in Zoho CRM as any other new user.
  4. Only the Super Admin of your account can delete a user.
  5. A user deleted from Zoho CRM will still be able to access other Zoho services without hassles with the same email address.
  6. All the integrations configured by the deleted user will be lost after you delete them.
  7. Deleting a user does not cancel the user’s license. To cancel license you must manage your subscriptions.

Note: Deleting a user from Zoho CRM is not the same as closing their Zoho account. They are deleted only from Zoho CRM.

To delete a user

  1. Click Setup > Users & Permissions > Users
  2. Point your mouse to the user and click the Settings icon.
  3. Click Delete.Read the consequences of deleting a user and confirm the action. The user will be deleted from Zoho CRM and will appear under the Deleted Users view.