How to void a credit card payment on Sage 300 Order Entry


  1. On the O/E Order Entry, O/E Shipment Entry, or O/E Invoice Entry screen, select a document
    for which a credit card prepayment has been processed. You can void a prepayment in Order Entry only if the document has not been posted. If the document has been posted, you must void the prepayment in A/R Receipt Entry.
  2. Click Prepayment.  The O/E Prepayments screen appears.
  3. Click Void.  Sage 300 checks Paya to determine whether the transaction has been settled.
    • If the transaction has been settled in Paya, an error message informs you that the
      transaction cannot be voided. If you want to refund the transaction, you must use the
      Refund Entry screen in Accounts Receivable.
    • If the transaction has not been settled, the PMT Process Credit Card screen appears.
      The credit card that was used for the payment is selected.
  4. Click Void Sale.  Paya voids the payment.