How to view pending receipts on Sage 300 Purchase Orders


  1. Open Purchase Orders > P/O Statistics and Inquiries > Pending Receipts Inquiry.
  2. Specify whether to inquire by item or by vendor, and then select the item number or vendor
    number for which you want to view details.
  3. Select a range of locations, or skip the Location fields to display all locations.
  4. In the PO Date fields, leave the From and To fields blank to include all purchase orders, or
    specify a range of PO dates.
  5. In the Expected Arrival Date fields, leave the From field blank to include all purchase orders
    with outstanding items, and enter the end date for the inquiry in the To field.
  6. To see whether items were delivered within the expected arrival times, select Include
    Completed Detail Lines.
  7. To see incomplete detail lines that are past their expected arrival dates, select Show Late POs Only.
  8. Click Go.  The program fills in the detail table with PO line information that matches the select criteria that you specified.
  9. To view more information for any PO line item — such as receipt quantities and days late —
    double-click the PO line on the detail grid, or select the line, and click the Details button.  The program displays additional information for each receipt associated with the PO line.