How to verify discounts and document totals on Sage 300 Order Entry


  1. Click the Totals tab on the O/E Credit/Debit Note Entry screen.
  2. If a discount was applied on the original invoice to the items and miscellaneous charges that you are now crediting or debiting, check the discount that appears on the Totals tab, and edit the discount percentage or amount, if necessary.  This discount is in addition to any discounts that were applied to items. It is prorated to all the items and miscellaneous charges (if you are discounting them) on the current document. It is subtracted from the credit note or debit note amount.  If the document discount applied to miscellaneous charges on the original invoice, select the Discount Miscellaneous Charges option. You should take a corresponding discount on the miscellaneous charges you are crediting or debiting. Any miscellaneous-charge discount amount is included in the credit/debit note subtotal.  If you are crediting or debiting an invoice that does not exist in your Order Entry system, or if you need to apply a different discount, enter the discount as a percentage or a fixed amount.
    • Note:
      • If you override the amount calculated from a percentage, an asterisk appears beside the amount. The discount amount will not change unless you re-enter the discount percentage.  However, if you add details to the credit note or debit note, the discount percentage is recalculated for each detail (except miscellaneous charges, if you are not discounting them).
  3. Check the remaining document totals and subtotals.
    • Estimated weight for all items on the credit note (using the unit weights from Inventory
      Control item records).
    • Number of detail lines on the credit note.
    • Subtotal of all shipped items and miscellaneous charges on the credit note.
    • Credit note amount, which is calculated as:
      • Credit note subtotal (shipped items + misc. charges)
      •  – Discount
      • + Tax (if it is not included in item prices)
    • If item prices include tax, the amount of the included tax is displayed on the right side of the screen. It does not affect the calculation of the credit note amount.
    • If you need to change tax information for the customer, you use the Taxes tab. See Changing Tax Amounts for Order Entry Documents for more information.
  4. Enter a comment for the current document, as needed.
  5. When you are satisfied with the document totals and other information, click Post.
  6. If you want to print the credit note or debit note, click Yes on the Confirmation form that appears after posting. You can also use the O/E Credit/Debit Note screen to print the credit note later.