How to use the From Requisition Number field on Sage 300 Purchase Orders


  1.  Click the Zoom button beside the From Requisition Number field, or tab to the field, then press the F9 key.
  2. Type the requisition number to use or select it from the Finder.
  3. Choose whether to select requisition details with no vendor numbers for your purchase order.
  4. If you are including details with blank vendor numbers, choose the vendor type (optional).
  5. Choose other requisition numbers, if applicable.
    • Note: When you create a purchase order from more than one requisition, the fields on the Optional Fields tab will be taken from the first requisition that you select.
  6. When ready, choose the Order button. Yes appears in the Ordered column for each requisition and the session (sign-on) date appears in the Date Ordered column.
  7. Choose Close to close the screen.