How to Undo an Approved Timesheet in Zoho People


Zoho People


This is for when an employee has already submitted a Time Log, and the admin user has already approved the Timesheet. After approval, the employee will not be able to edit their hours. What happens if employees may have entered too many hours or too few hours in their Timesheet?

Use this resolution to let employees make adjustments to their Time Log.


Note: You will need to have admin access to be able to perform these steps.

  1. Go to the Time Tracker module.
  2. Click on My Timesheets.
  3. Hover over the desired timesheet that you want the employee to be able to edit. Then click on the trash icon.
  4. Confirm.

Now the employee can adjust their hours as necessary. Repeat for other timesheets if necessary. The employee will then have to resubmit their timesheet(s) to be approved again.