How to ship on the O/E Shipment Entry screen without creating an order first on Sage 300 Order Entry


  1. Open Order Entry > O/E Transactions > Shipment Entry.
  2. In the Shipment Number field, press the Tab key to accept *** NEW *** as the shipment
    number.  Order Entry will assign a shipment number when you post the shipment. If you do not want Order Entry to assign the number automatically, you can type the new number yourself, and then press the Tab key.
  3. In the Customer No. field, type the customer number or select it from the Finder.
    • Tip: You can skip this field and use the Order Number Finder to select by order number, PO number, salesperson, customer number, etc.
      • If you enter a customer number, you can also:
        • Click the Pre Credit Check button beside the Customer No. field to check the customer’s credit status and determine whether you should continue with the shipment.
        • Click the Zoom button beside the Customer No. field to view or edit customer address and contact information.
      • On the Customer tab, you can change customer information such as tax code, price list, and payment terms.
  4. If you want to ship goods without creating an order first, leave the Order Number field blank.
  5. On the Shipment tab, enter general shipment information.
    • Check the shipment date.
    • If your company uses templates to fill in default field entries, select a template.
    • If the customer has a purchase order number, enter the number.
    • Select the warehouse location from where you are shipping goods. The default location
      can come from the customer record or order template. You can change it for the
      transaction, and for each detail line.
    • If the customer wants goods shipped to a particular location, use the Ship-To Location
      Finder to select it. You can click the Zoom button to edit the ship-to location, or click the New button to add one to Accounts Receivable.
    • If the transaction is job related, select the Job Related option. For more information on
      job-related options, see “O/E Order Entry Screen” (page 404).
    • If you want Order Entry to calculate tax automatically for the transaction, select the Calc. Tax option.
    • Enter a description and reference information if applicable.
  6. Click or tab into the Detail table, and then enter shipment details.
    • Tips:
      • To start a new line, press the Insert key.
      • If you want to view all fields for the selected detail on the O/E Items/Taxes screen,
        rather than in the Detail table, press F9 or click the Item/Tax button.