How to ship items for one or more orders on the O/E Shipment Entry screen on Sage 300 Order Entry


  1. Open Order Entry > O/E Transactions > Shipment Entry.
  2. In the Shipment Number field, press the Tab key to accept *** NEW *** as the shipment number.  Order Entry will assign a shipment number when you post the shipment. If you do not want Order Entry to assign the number automatically, you can type the new number yourself, and then press the Tab key.
  3. Enter the customer number or select it using the Customer No. Finder.
    • Tip: You can skip this field and use the Order Number Finder to select by order number, PO number, salesperson, customer number, etc.
      • If you enter a customer number, you can also:
        • Click the Pre Credit Check button beside the Customer No. field to check the customer’s credit status and determine whether you should continue with the shipment.
        • Click the Zoom button beside the Customer No. field to view or edit customer address and contact information.
      • On the Customer tab, you can change customer information such as tax code, price list, and payment terms.
  4. Select the order(s) for which you are creating the shipment.
    • If you are shipping goods for a single order, type the order number or select it using the Finder.
    • If you are shipping goods from multiple orders, select the From Multiple Orders option, and then click the Zoom button to select the orders on the O/E Create Shipment from
      Orders screen. For more information, see “O/E Create Shipment from Orders Screen”
      (page 595).
      • Note: If you use Payment Processing, you must capture or void all outstanding credit
        card pre-authorizations for any orders that are included in the shipment before you can post the shipment.
    • If you want to to ship items without creating an order first, see the next procedure in this
      topic, “To ship items on the O/E Shipment Entry screen without creating an order first.”
  5. If you want to automatically create an invoice for the shipped quantities, select the Create
    Invoice option on the Shipment tab or the Totals tab. (If you want to create the invoice later,
    use the O/E Invoice Entry screen.)
  6. Enter the shipped quantities. If you want to ship all quantities on the order, click the Ship All
    button. If you want to create a partial shipment (that is, to ship only some of the details): Enter the quantity to ship in the Qty. Shipped field for each detail line you are shipping. If necessary, tab to the Qty. B/O field.
  7. As needed, enter prepayments, add optional field information, assign one or more
    salespeople, change currency exchange rates, and check totals.
    • Note: For more information about performing these tasks on the O/E Shipment Entry screen, see “O/E Shipment Entry Screen ” (page 535).
      • To enter a prepayment for the shipment, click the Prepayment button. For more
        information, see “Entering a Prepayment” (page 131).
      • On the Optional Fields tab, add optional field information.
      • On the Sales Split tab, assign or credit a salesperson. If you are shipping multiple orders,
        you should always check the allocation on this panel.
      • On the Rates panel, review and change currency exchange rates as needed.
      • On the Totals tab, check the totals for the shipment.
  8. Post the document.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.