How to send Order Entry forms to customers by e-mail on Sage 300 Order Entry


  1.  In Accounts Receivable, for customers to whom you want to e-mail forms, make sure that Email or Contact’s E-mail is selected as the delivery method, and that the e-mail addresses are up to date in the customer records. (For more information, see the Accounts Receivable help.)
  2. Make sure that e-mail messages exist for the forms that you are sending by e-mail, or create them. For more information, see “Creating E-mail Messages ” (page 60)
  3. Open Order Entry > O/E Forms, and then select Quotes, Order Confirmations, Invoices, or
    Credit/Debit Notes.
  4. When selecting options for printing the form:
    1. In the Delivery Method field, select Customer.
    2. In the Message ID field that appears, select the ID for the e-mail message you want to
      send with the current form.
  5. Click Print.

When you print using the Customer delivery method, Sage 300 creates a PDF or RTF version of the
report, opens your default e-mail software, and attaches the report file to a new e-mail message.