How to Select Member Accounts for a Rollup Account in Sage 300 General Ledger


  1. Open General Ledger > G/L Accounts > Accounts.
  2. Use the Finder for the Account field to select the account you are designating as a rollup account.
  3. On the Detail tab, select the Rollup option.
  4. On the Rollup tab that appears, add member accounts in one of the following ways:
    • To add individual member accounts, click the first blank line in the table, then use the
      Finder in the Account column to select each account in turn.
    • To select a range of member accounts, click the Zoom button for the Select Member Accounts for the Rollup Account field, and then use the G/L Account Selector screen that appears to add member accounts.
    • In the G/L Account Selector screen:
      1. Select the ranges of account numbers, account segments, or account groups that are members of this rollup account.
      2. Select the account types to include in the rollup account. Accounts that do not match the selected type will be excluded from the rollup account, even if they fall within the specified range of account numbers or account groups.
        • Example: If the Income Statement option is not selected, then even if the Account Number range includes income statement accounts, those accounts will not be copied into the table.
      3. Specify ranges of segments as additional selection criteria (optional).
      4. Specify account optional fields as additional selection criteria (optional).
      5. Click the Preview button to check your choices.  Click Close at the message that appears telling you that processing is complete.  The G/L Account Selector Preview screen lists the accounts in the ranges you
        specified. You can double-click in the Add column to change the entry to No if you decide not to include some of these accounts.
        • Note: If the rollup account is single-currency, only single-currency accounts are included in the preview. Accounts that already exist in the Rollup table are not shown in the preview screen.
        • Tip: To view a multicurrency account, highlight the account, then click the Currency button.
      6. Click Copy in the G/L Account Selector Preview screen.
      7. Click Close at the message that shows how many rollup member accounts were created.  When you return to the Rollup tab in the G/L Accounts screen, the new member accounts appear in the table.
  5. Click Save.  The new member accounts now appear in the tree as well as in the table on the Rollup tab.
    • Tip: To hide the tree, click the Hide Tree button. To view it again, click Show Tree.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.