How to reinitialize RMA Receipts Data Entry Files for Sage 100


How to Reinitialize Return Merchandise Authorization Receipts Data Entry Files


Backup Warning

Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions.

Database Warning

These steps require knowledge of database engines and application databases (DBs) used by your Sage product (including Microsoft/Transact SQL, Pervasive SQL, or MySQL, etc.). Customer Support is not responsible for assisting with these steps and cannot be responsible for errors resulting from changes to the database engine or DBs. Before making changes, backup all system and application DBs required for a full restore. Contact an authorized business partner or DB administrator for assistance.


  1. Open Library Master, Utilities, Reinitialize Data Files,
  2. Select the Company Code and Return Merchandise Authorization as the module.
  3. Select the following files:
    • RA_GenerateTransactions
    • RA_ReceiptsDetail
    • RA_ReceiptsHeader
    • RA_ReceiptsReceiving
    • RA_ReceiptsRestart
    • RA_ReceiptsTierDistribution
  4. Select Proceed.
  • If batch entry is used,delete the batch record from GL_CompanyActiveBatch.
    1. Open Library Master, Utilities, Data File Display and Maintenance (DFDM).
    2. Select Mas90, MAS_xxx, Glxxx (xxx = company code).
    3. Select GL_CompanyActiveBatch.
    4. Click the Key Scan button and select the batch number. For example, the key “A/RO0100002” has the following format:
      • Module code: 2 characters (R/A)
      • Batch Type: 2 digits (01)
      • Batch Number: 5 digits (00002)

Click the Delete button.