How to process a fixed asset purchase for a destination company on Sage 300


  1. In Sage 300, open the ICT company.
  2. . From the ICT Accounts Payable folder, open Invoice Entry.
  3. Enter the intercompany purchase as you would any ICT invoice, specifying the originator for the entry and the route for the transaction detail.
  4. For the transaction detail, select the Fixed Asset option, and then click
    the Zoom button to display the Fixed Asset form as you would in nonICT Accounts Payable. For an ICT Accounts Payable invoice, however, you enter the Sage Fixed Assets database and the Sage Fixed Assets company (or organization).
  5. Specify the Sage Fixed Assets database and company (or organization)
    for the originator company.
  6. Close the Fixed Assets form.
  7. Save the invoice, and then close the Invoice Entry form.
  8. Post the ICT invoice batch.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.