How to print the Transaction Details Optional Fields report on Sage 300 General Ledger


  1. Open General Ledger > G/L Reports > Transaction Details Optional Fields.
  2. Use the Sort By fields to specify the order in which to list information on the report.  You can print the report in order by account number, by a particular segment (such as department or region), or by account groups.  If you are printing a particular department or region, you should sort the report by the department or region segment.
  3. If you are sorting the report by account number or by segment, in the adjacent From and To fields:
    • If you are sorting by account number, specify the range of accounts to include.
    • If you are sorting by account segment, specify which account segment to select by, and then specify a range of segment codes.
  4. If your General Ledger is multicurrency, specify the report currency.  You can print amounts in both source and functional currency or in functional currency only. If the euro is your functional currency and a reporting currency is specified for your ledger, you can also choose Reporting if you want to print amounts in that currency.
  5. In the From Period and To Period fields, specify the year and range of fiscal periods for the report.  If you have created the next year, you can select the adjustment or closing periods.
  6. To select accounts by a range of sort codes, select Select Account Groups By Sort Code Range, and then in the From and To Sort Code -Account Group fields, specify the range of sort codes.  If you are sorting the report by account number or segment, and not by sort code range, select a range of account groups, or accept the default range to include all account groups.
  7. In the segment table, select ranges of segment codes if you want to restrict the report to accounts with particular segment codes.
  8. In the optional fields tables, specify up to three optional fields and the range of optional field codes for which you wish to include transactions in the report.  Only posted transactions that use the specified optional transaction fields and values will appear on the report.
  9. Click Print.