How to print requisitions on Sage 300 Purchase Orders


  1. Open Purchase Orders > P/O Forms > Requisitions.
  2. Specify options for the requisitions, as follows:
    • Use Requisition. Specify the report format to use for printing requisitions. You can
      accept the default format that appears, or click the Browse button to select a different
      one. (Purchase Orders displays the format that you last used for printing requisitions.)  Purchase Orders ships with three standard formats for printing requisitions:
      • PORQN01.RPT—for printing on blank paper.
      • PORQN02.RPT—for printing on preprinted forms.
      • PORQN03.RPT—an alternative format that includes optional fields for printing on
        blank paper.
    • From Requisition Number/To Requisition Number. Specify the range of requisitions to print.
    • Include Requisitions Already Printed. Specify whether to print new copies of
      requisitions that you printed before.
  3. Click Print.
    • Tip: If you are printing requisitions on a printer, you can click the Align button to print a sample copy of the label to check that the information prints in the right places on a preprinted requisition form.