How to Print a Range of Quotes in Sage 300 Order Entry


  1. Open Order Entry > O/E Forms > Quotes.
  2. In the Use Quote field, select the report format to use for printing the quotes.
  3. Use the From Order Number and To Order Number fields to specify a range of quotes, or accept the default entries to print all quotes.
  4. Specify the delivery method to use for sending quotes to customers.  You can select one of the following methods:
    • Select Print Destination to print the invoices to your usual print destination.
    • Select Customer to use the delivery method specified in each customer record in Accounts Receivable.
      • If you select Customer as the delivery method, select the ID for the message you want to send with e-mailed documents.
      • To view or edit the message for the selected ID, or to add a new e-mail message, click the Zoom button for the Message ID field.
  5. Review the remaining options, changing selections as required.
  6. If you want to print a test copy of the quote to verify that information is aligned correctly on a preprinted form, click Align.
  7. Click Print.