How to Manage Shipments in Zoho Inventory

The status and details of your shipments and packages can be accessed by clicking on the Packages tab on the sidebar.

Marking a Delivery:

  • You can mark the packages that have been shipped as delivered by clicking on the Mark As Delivered button on top of your Package slip.
  • In doing so, your shipment status changes from shipped to delivered.
  • This is useful in case of manual shipments.

Export/Save package slips and shipment orders as PDF:

You can save a PDF copy of the package slip or the shipment order to your hard drive by clicking the PDF icon on the top of your package page.

Notifying your customers about shipments and delivery:

You can send email notifications to your customers when their packages have been shipped or delivered. To do so,

  • Open the desired shipped/delivered package from the Packages module.
  • Click on the mail icon to send an email to the customer.
  • Clicking on the mail icon will take you to the e-mail interface from where you can send the mail to your customers. You can edit the content here, or you can go make the changes to the template under the Email Template options in the Settings menu.

Printing package slips & shipment orders:

You can print you package slips and shipment orders by clicking on the Print icon on the top.

Delete a shipment:

You can delete a shipment by clicking on the More button and clicking on the delete shipment option.

Mark as Undelivered:

(applies only to delivered packages – handy for manual shipments when redirected)
In the case when an error has been made in recording a delivery especially during manual shipments, you can mark a delivered package as undelivered.

  • To do so, click on the Mark as Undelivered button on top of the package that has been prematurely or wrongly marked as delivered.
  • Its status will be reverted from Delivered to Shipped.

Downloading a Shipping Label:

You can download the shipping label for a shipment made using an integrated carrier. To do so:

  • Navigate to the Packages module.
  • Select the preferred package that has been shipped(via carrier method).
  • Click on the Download Label option on the package slip.
  • Your shipment label will be downloaded and saved inside your default downloads folder