How to Look Up Transactions and Records Using Global Search on Sage 300


  1. Click the Search icon at the top of your screen.  The Global Search screen appears.
  2. On the list to the left of the search field, select types of transactions or records to find.  
  3. In the search field, enter a word, phrase, or other text (such as an identifying number) that may be in the transaction or record you are looking for, and then click the Search button to the right of the search field.  A list of results is displayed.  By default, if you enter multiple words in the search field, transactions and records are found if they include any of the words you entered. You can refine this default behaviour by using the following special formatting in the search field:
    • Quotation marks. To find an exact phrase, enclose the phrase in quotation marks. For example, if you search for “Please ship promptly”, only transactions and records that include the exact phrase Please ship promptly will be found. Transactions and records that include variations such as Please ship soon or Ship promptly will not be found.  Another use of quotation marks is to find text that includes special characters (such as hyphens). For example, to find ABC-123, enter “ABC-123” in the search field.
    • Plus sign. To specify that results must include a certain word or phrase, put a + before the word or phrase. For example, if you search for +20233 +”office chair” furniture, every result will include both 20233 and office chair, but may or may not include furniture.
      • To open a transaction or record in its primary screen, click the transaction ID or record ID in a result.