How to Install Paya Connect Desktop for Sage 100


How to install Paya Connect Desktop (formerly Sage Exchange Desktop 2.0 (SED)) for Credit Card Processing with Sage 100


Note: Paya Connect Desktop (formerly Sage Exchange Desktop (SED)) is a product from Paya (formerly Sage Payment Solutions (SPS)). If you are still encountering issues, you may want to contact their support team at (800) 261-0240. There is also a repair utility available from the Sage Payments Knowledgebase that may assist in repair.
Note: Sage 100 2017 and later requires Paya Desktop Connect (formerly Sage Exchange Desktop (SED)) v2.x to be installed on workstations to process credit cards with Paya. See Related Resources for installing SED 2.0 with Sage 100 versions 2015 and 2016.
Note: Sage Exchange Desktop 2.x no longer automatically installs. It must be manually installed on every workstation requiring access.

System Requirements

Verify that your computer meets or exceeds the following system requirements before installing Paya Connect Desktop v2.x

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or later
      • Note: While it may install Windows 7, that operating system is no longer supported
  • Requires TLS 1.2
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 (included in installer)
  • Sage Payment Solutions Application Deployment (included in installer)
  • Sage Exchange Desktop API (included in installer)


Sage Exchange installer can be accessed from Workstation Setup

  1. From the workstation, open File Explorer
  2. Access the “..\MAS90\Wksetup” folder on the server where Sage 100 is installed
  3. Right-click the Autorun.exe program
  4. Select Run as Administrator from the pop-up menu
  5. Click Install Sage Exchange Desktop and follow install instructions to complete the installation

Manual Download and Installation instructions

  1. The download can be located at Select Paya Connect Desktop v2.x from the Downloads drop-down menu
  2. Download and extract the Paya Connect Desktop v2.x installer, following the Manual Installation steps.
  3. Right-click executable and select Run as Administrator
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.