How to import account information or transactions on Sage 300 Accounts Payable


  1. Open the Accounts Payable screen that contains the data you want to import.  For example, to import vendor accounts, open the Vendors screen. To import invoices, open the A/P Invoice Entry screen.
  2. Click File > Import.
  3. If the File Import/Export Selection screen appears, select the type of data to import, and then click OK.
    • Example: When you import vendor records, you use the File Import/Export Selection screen to specify Vendor, Statistics, or Comments.
  4. On the Import screen that appears:
    1. In the Type field, specify the format of the data you are importing.
    2. Specify whether to insert new records, update existing records, or insert and update records.
    3. In the File field, specify the name and location of the import file, and then press Tab.
    4. If you previously created an import template that matches the information you want to import, click Load Script, and then select the template file.  Otherwise, select the type of information to export.
      • Tip: You can click File > Display Import Fields to view a list of fields you can import.
    5. Select any other options that appear.
  5. Optionally, click Save Script to save your choices as a template for the next time you import these records.
  6. Click OK to begin importing.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.