How to establish Option Interactions in Bill of Materials for Sage 100


How to establish Option Interactions in Bill of Materials



How to establish Option Interaction for a Bill in MAS 90 and 200

Possible Resolution:

  1. Open Bill of Materials, Main, Bill of Materials Maintenance
  2. Select an existing Bill of Material  where Bill Options have already been established.
  3. Select More drop-down button, select Option Interactions. The Option Interaction Maintenance window appears.
  4. Select the Option Code field and enter the bill’s specific option configuration.
    • You can enter the information using one of the following methods:
      1. Method 1: Enter up to nine two-character option codes, with each code separated by a comma.
        • Example A: If you want option A1 in category 1, option B2 in category 2, and option C3 in category 3, type A1, B2, C3.
        • Example B: If you want option A1 in category 1 and option C7 in category 3, type A1, C7. The system assumes that you did not want any options for category 2 or categories 4 through 9.
      2. Method 2: At the Option Code field, click the Search (Option Selection) button. The Option Selection window displays all option categories available for the bill or sales kit. Enter the two-character option code for each category.
  5. Complete the fields on the Header tab to identify the option, and then select the Lines tab.
  6. Select a line and enter the components that will be added to or deleted from the base bill when a specific combination of option codes is used.
  7. Select Accept


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.