How to enter taxes manually for a transaction on Sage 300 Order Entry


  1. Open Order Entry > O/E Transactions.
  2. Open Order Entry, Shipment Entry, or Invoice Entry.
  3. Clear the Calculate Tax option if it is selected.
  4. Enter order information and item details.  For more information about entering information and details, see “Entering an Order ” (page 109).  For more information about specific fields and controls on the O/E Order Entry screen, see “O/E Order Entry Screen” (page 404).
  5. On the Taxes tab, enter the tax base and total tax amounts for each tax authority.
    • Note: You can review tax amounts for document details on the O/E Items/Taxes screen. For more information, see “O/E Items/Taxes Screen ” (page 485).
  6. If you want to prorate the total tax amount to document details, click Dist. Taxes.
    • Note: If you click Calc. Taxes, Order Entry calculates tax amounts and replaces any tax
      amounts you have entered manually.
    • Order Entry automatically prorates and allocates to document details the total tax amount you entered.  You can also enter tax amounts manually for each detail line, as described in the next procedure.  
  7. Review remaining transaction information and details, and then post the transaction.
    • Tip: To allocate the total tax amounts automatically to individual items, click the Dist. Tax button on the Taxes tab.