How to enter, edit, or delete additional cost details in Sage 300 Purchase Orders


  1.  Open Purchase Orders > P/O Transactions > Receipt Entry.  For more information, see “P/O Receipt Entry Screen” (page 563).
  2. On the Receipt tab, enter vendor and purchase order information, along with receipt quantities.
  3. On the Additional Costs tab, use the Finder or the navigation buttons beside the Additional Cost Vendors field to select an existing additional cost vendor for which to enter or edit an additional cost detail, or click the New icon to add a new vendor in Accounts Payable.
    • Note: A new receipt lists only the primary vendor.
  4. When you have displayed the correct vendor in the vendor number field, enter or edit the additional cost details for the selected vendor in the detail entry table.
    • Tip: To display all the information for a selected detail on a separate screen, or to edit tax classes or the tax included fields for the detail, select the detail, then either click the Cost/Tax button or press the F9 key.
      • In the Proration Method field, specify whether to prorate the additional cost to the details automatically (by quantity, cost, or weight) or manually, or not to prorate.
        • Note: If you are adding additional costs for non-inventory items, you must choose No Proration. If you choose to prorate by quantity, cost, or weight, the program will display an error message and prevent you from posting the receipt.
      • To delete a detail, select it, and then click Delete. If a message appears asking you to confirm the deletion, click Yes.
  5. Click the Calculate Taxes button if you want to see tax amounts for a detail before you have posted the receipt or opened the Totals tab. (Tax amounts are not automatically calculated until you click the Taxes tab or the Totals tab, or post the receipt.)
  6. If you edit tax amounts on the Taxes tab, and then use the Calculate Taxes button, the program replaces your changes with amounts it calculates using the tax tables in Tax Services.
  7. Click Post.