How to Enter and Distribute Tax Amounts Manually in Sage 300 Accounts Payable


  1. Open Accounts Payable>A/P Transactions>Invoice Entry.
  2. Display an existing transaction, or create a new invoice, debit note, or credit note, as usual.  Enter the following information on the Document tab before editing tax information:
    1. Fill in all header information for the document, as required.
      • Note: Make sure you enter the total amount of the invoice in the Document Total field.
    2. In the table, distribute the document amount net of taxes using a distribution set or by entering individual distribution codes or general ledger account numbers and amounts manually.
  3. On the Taxes tab, enter taxes for the document, as follows:
    1. In the Tax Amount and/or the Tax Base field select Enter or Distribute as the tax entry method.
      • Important! You can enter or edit detail taxes only if you select Enter as the tax entry method on this tab.
    2. If you selected Enter or Distribute in the Tax Amount field, enter the amount of each tax from the vendor’s invoice.
    3. If you selected Enter or Distribute in the Tax Amount field, enter the amount of each tax base.
    4. Check the tax classes.  If they are incorrect, use the Finder to select the correct classes.
    5. Click Distribute Taxes to allocate tax amounts proportionally to each distribution line on the document.
  4. If you selected Enter as the tax entry method, you can edit the amount of each tax allocation, as necessary.
    1. On the Document tab, select the distribution line, then click the Account/Tax button.  Make the changes in the Detail Accounts/Taxes screen that appears.
    2. Click the Taxes tab to check tax amounts for the document and compare the totals on the screen with the totals on the source document.
  5. Click Add or Save.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.