How to enter an additional cost on Sage 300 Purchase Orders


  1. Open Purchase Orders > P/O Transactions > Invoice Entry.  For more information on the Invoice Entry screen, see “P/O Invoice Entry Screen” (page 453).
  2. In the Invoice Number field, type an invoice number or use the Finder or the navigation buttons to select an existing invoice.
  3. If you are entering a new invoice, type the vendor number in the Vendor Number field, or use the Finder to select the number.
  4. On the Invoice tab, enter or edit vendor and receipt information, along with invoice quantities, as usual.
  5. On the Additional Cost tab, select an existing cost detail, or press the Insert key to start a new one.
  6. If you are entering a new additional cost:
    1. Double-click in the Additional Cost column, and then select an additional cost code.
    2. In the Amount column, type the amount of the additional cost, and then press the Tab key.
      • Tip: You can also click Cost/Tax or press F9 to open the Detail Costs/Taxes screen, where you can view and edit all the information for a single detail, and change the detail tax classes
        and tax included status for the detail.
  7. In the Proration Method field, specify whether to prorate the cost by quantity, cost, or weight, or prorate manually.