How to enter a shipment detail line on Sage 300 Order Entry


  1. Double-click the Type field to specify whether you are entering an item or a miscellaneous charge.
  2. Double-click the Item No./Misc. Charge field and enter an item number, or select it using the Finder . If you are using a scanner, click in the Item Number field before scanning the bar code.
  3. Check the Price List and Location fields. You can change the default price list
    (determined by the customer account) and location (from the shipment header fields).
  4. Tab to the Qty. Shipped field and enter the number of items that you are shipping. Order
    Entry displays a matching order quantity in the Qty. On Order (Order UOM) field, and
    updates available item quantities displayed in the inventory quantity area below the
    Detail table. You cannot enter a backordered amount.
  5. Tab through the remaining fields for the detail line, entering any other required information.
    1. As needed, enter prepayments, add optional field information, assign one or more
      salespeople, change currency exchange rates, and check totals.
      • Note: For more information about performing these tasks on the O/E Shipment Entry screen, see “O/E Shipment Entry Screen ” (page 535).
        • To enter a prepayment for the shipment, click the Prepayment button. For more
          information, see “Entering a Prepayment” (page 131).
        • On the Optional Fields tab, add optional field information
        • On the Sales Split tab, assign or credit a salesperson. If you are shipping multiple orders, you should always check the allocation on this panel.
        • On the Rates panel, review and change currency exchange rates as needed.
        • On the Totals tab, check the totals for the shipment.
    2. Post the document.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.