How to edit the exchange rate for a credit note on Sage 300 Order Entry


  1.  Click the Rates tab.
  2. Edit the Rate Type code if you want to change the method to convert source-currency
    amounts to their functional-currency equivalents.
  3. Enter the Rate Date (to select the credit note exchange rate from the currency rate table in
    Common Services).
  4. If you need to change the exchange rate, enter it in the Rate field.
    • Note: The Rates tab appears only in a multicurrency ledger, if the customer does not use the functional currency. You enter exchange rate information in the Credit/Debit Note Entry screen only if you do not want to use the current exchange rate for the credit note, or if no rate is entered for the credit note date.
    • Tip: If the exchange rate of the return or credit note differs from the rate of the invoice, you will realize an exchange gain or loss on the transaction.

When you are satisfied with your changes, follow the steps in “Entering and Verifying Credit/Debit
Note Totals ” (page 158).


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.