How to edit credit note details on Sage 300 Order Entry


  1. With the credit note displayed in the O/E Credit/Debit Note Entry screen, tab to the details table.
  2. If you are crediting an existing invoice, delete any lines that you are not going to credit.  Select the detail, and then press the Delete key. If you are prompted to confirm the deletion,
    click Yes.
    • Note: If you are crediting an invoice that does not exist in Order Entry, the first line is
  3. For each line to be credited:
    1. In the Credit Type column, select the reason you are crediting the detail. To specify the
      credit type, double-click in the Credit Type column for that detail, and then select one of
      the following types from the list:
      • Items Returned to Inventory—for items that are being returned to inventory.
      • Damaged Items—for items that are damaged (and not being returned to
      • Price Adjustment—for price adjustment on items. If the invoice number does not
        exist in Order Entry, the program displays item unit costs based on each item’s
        costing method.
    2. Use the O/E Items/Taxes screen to check and edit tax information for the detail, as
      necessary. Select the line on the details table, and then click the Item/Tax button to
      open the O/E Items/Taxes screen.
    3. For information on editing tax information, see “Changing Tax Groups and Tax Classes
      for Order Entry Documents ” (page 195).
  4. Add detail lines for item details or miscellaneous charges, if needed.