How to create purchase orders on Sage 300 Purchase Orders


  1. Open Purchase Orders > P/O Create Purchase Orders > Create POs from Requisitions.  For more information, see “P/O Create POs From Requisitions Screen” (page 256).
  2. Use the From and To fields to specify ranges of requisition numbers, dates, and vendors for which to create purchase orders.
  3. Select options, as follows:
    • Select Consolidate Items to consolidate details from separate requisitions into single details on purchase orders for the same vendor, item, unit of measure, and (if you use Inventory Control) inventory location.  The program combines all related details, with the exception of details that include dropship addresses. A separate purchase order detail is created for each requisition detail with a drop-ship address.
    • If you select Include Blank Vendors, you must specify the vendor type for which to create the purchase orders.
      • Example: You can have all requisitions with blank vendors use the vendor that is listed as Vendor 1 in the items’ vendor details records (in Inventory Control).
    • If you use Project and Job Costing, select Job Related to create job-related purchase orders.
      • Note: You cannot mix job-related and non-job-related requisitions when creating purchase orders. If you use Project and Job Costing and you are creating POs from both types of requisitions, you must run this function twice.
  4. If optional fields are assigned to purchase order (at the document level), click the Optional Fields tab, and then specify entries for the optional fields that appear on purchase orders.  If you use the same fields on requisitions and purchase orders, the optional field entries on the
    requisition detail lines appear defaults on purchase orders, unless you specify different entries here.  When you create a purchase order from more than one requisition, the fields on the Optional Fields tab are taken from the first requisition that you select.
  5. If you use optional fields with purchase order details, click the Detail Optional Fields tab, and then specify entries for the detail optional fields.
  6. Click Process to create the purchase orders.  Purchase Orders creates a purchase order for each vendor for whom details were entered on
    requisitions in the ranges you specified.  When the purchase orders have been posted, you see a message that lists the range of purchase order numbers that were assigned.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.