How to create purchase orders from Order Entry sales orders on Sage 300


  1. Open Purchase Orders > P/O Create Purchase Orders > Create POs from O/E.  For more information, see “P/O Create POs From O/E Screen” (page 252).
  2. Use the From and To fields to specify ranges of customers, orders, order dates, and expected ship dates by which to select the purchase orders to create.
  3. Select the I/C vendor type.
  4. For the Create Purchase Order for Each option, specify whether to:
    • Create only one purchase order for each vendor (select Vendor).  If you create purchase orders by vendor number, all orders for the same item, location, and vendor are consolidated into a single detail on the purchase order for the vendor.
    • Create a separate purchase order for each order number and each vendor listed on the order (select Order).  If you create purchase orders by sales order, you produce a separate purchase order for
      each vendor specified on the selected orders, resulting in more than one purchase order for vendors specified on more than one order. This option retains order numbers and lets you print the Shippable Backorders report for the transactions you post for Order Entry
  5. For the Include option, specify whether to order all items on the selected orders, or only items for which you have insufficient quantities on hand, or only items that are on backorder.
  6. To include drop-ship addresses entered for items and customers on the Order Entry orders, select Drop-Ship Items.  If you use the Drop-Ship Items option, every purchase order detail is assigned either the address entered on the sales order or the customer’s address in Accounts Receivable.
    • Note: If you select this option, you cannot consolidate details.
  7. To consolidate details on the purchase orders with the same item number, location, and unit of measure into single details on purchase orders, select Consolidate Items.
    • Note: This option is not available if any optional fields or detail optional fields are assigned to this screen.
  8. To include non-stock items on the purchase order, select Include Non-Stock Items.
    • Note: This option appears only if you allow receipt of non-stock items in Inventory Control.
    • If you do not select this option, non-stock items are omitted from the Finder and treated as noninventory items.
  9. If you use optional fields with purchase orders (at the document level), click the Optional Fields tab, and then specify entries for the optional fields.
  10. If you use optional fields with purchase order details, click the Detail Optional Fields tab, and then specify entries for the optional fields that appear on detail lines.
  11. Click the Process button to create the purchase orders.