How to Create a Custom Query on Sage 300


  1. Open an existing query (either a standard query or a custom query).
    • Tip: You can open a query from the Inquiry tool on the web toolbar, or by clicking Open Query on any query that is already open.
  2. In the results table, use the controls in column headers to show or hide columns, and to specify filters.
  3. Click Save Query.
  4. On the Save Query panel:
    • In the Query Name field, enter a name for your custom query.
    • In the Type field, specify whether the query is public or private.
      • A public query is available to all users. A private query is available only to you.
    • In the Description field, you can enter more information describing your custom query. (This is optional.)
  5. Click Save.  Your custom query is saved.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.