How to control payments in system-generated batches with Sage 300 Accounts Payable


  1. Open Accounts Payable>A/P Transactions>Control Payments.
  2. To apply controls to a single document:
    1. On the Single Document tab, fill in the following fields to select the document you want to change:
      • Vendor Number
      • Document Number (invoice, credit note, debit note, or prepayment)
      • Payment Number (will be “1” unless the document has a multiple payment schedule)
    2. Click the Go button or Press F7 to display information for the document so that you can change it.  The fields you can change are:
      • Due Date
      • Discount Date
      • Discount Percent
      • Discount Amount
      • Document Status (Normal, Forced, or On Hold)
      • Activation Date for prepayments  (the date after which the prepayment is considered when calculating the amount due for payment)
    3. To apply controls to a range of documents or range of vendors:
      1. On the Range of Documents tab, fill in the following ranges:
        • Vendor Group
        • Vendor Number
        • Document Number (since different vendors use different numbering systems, this option may be useful only if you are selecting invoices from a single vendor)
        • Select the document types for which you want to change the status.
        • Select the Document Status that you want applied.
    4. Click Process.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.