How to change the Sysdata location for FRx


How to change the Sysdata location for FRx


Update the Sysdata path in Organization.
Note: As of FRx 6.7.10343, this procedure (step #7) affects only the current user. The option to automatically update all users or update for current users is no longer available.

  1. In FRx, select Company, and select Default
  2. Select company FW or FWC, and click OK
  3. Select Admin, Organization
  4. Click Sysdata button
  5. In the New Location field, select the path to the new Sysdata
    • Note: The sysdata location must match exactly on all applicable workstations
  6. If applicable, select the Update Current User Only check box
  7. Click OK
  8. Click OK at the message “After changing the Sysdata directory path, FRx will exit”