How to change General Ledger Integration options on Sage 300 Purchase Orders


  1. Open Purchase Orders > P/O Setup > G/L Integration.
  2. On the Integration tab, select options that determine how and when to create transactions for the general ledger.  For help on the fields you can select on the G/L Integration screen, see “P/O G/L Integration Screen” (page 325).
  3. On the Transaction tab, select information that will appear for the G/L Detail Comment, G/L Detail Description, G/L Detail Reference, and G/L Entry Description fields for each type of transaction and transaction detail.
    • The table lists each of the transactions produced by Purchase Orders, and displays the information that is currently included in G/L transactions produced from these P/O transactions.
      1. Double-click the transaction description or transaction detail information that you want to change.
      2. On the G/L Integration Detail screen that appears, select the information that you want to add to the transaction field, and then use the Include and Exclude buttons to add or remove field
        • Note: You can assign one or more pieces of information (segments) to each G/L transaction field, provided that the combined length of the segments and separators does not exceed 60 characters. Fields exceeding this limit will be truncated when you post the general ledger transactions.
      3. Click Save to save the contents of the G/L transaction field.
  4. Choose a different field to edit, or click Close to return to the Transaction tab.
  5. Click Save to save changes to the G/L Integration screen.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.