How to capture a pre-authorized credit card payment on Sage 300


  1. Open Order Entry > O/E Transactions.
  2. Select Order Entry, Shipment Entry, or Invoice Entry.
    • Note: You can capture pre-authorized payments from the O/E Invoice Entry screen only if the Require Capture of Pre-authorized Payments at Shipment option is cleared on the PMT Options screen.
  3. Select a document or order number for which a credit card payment has been pre-authorized.
    • Note: On the O/E Shipment Entry screen, the Create Invoice option is selected by default. You must create an invoice when capturing a pre-authorized credit card payment from this screen.
  4. For each item that you are shipping, enter the quantity shipped in the Quantity Shipped field.
  5. Click Capture.  The O/E Prepayments screen appears. The Payment Code, Processing Code, and Pre-authorization Amount fields display the information that was entered for the pre-authorization.
    • Note: The Receipt Amount field displays the invoice amount, rather than the pre-authorized amount.
  6. Select a batch for the prepayment, or create a new batch.
  7. In the Receipt Amount field, enter the amount to capture for the pre-authorization.
    • Note: When you capture a pre-authorized credit card payment, the amount captured can be different than the amount that was pre-authorized. For example, if a customer at a restaurant adds a tip, the amount captured will be greater than the amount that was pre-authorized.
  8. Click Add. The Charge button becomes available.
    • Note: The Quick Charge button cannot be used to capture a pre-authorized payment.
  9. Click Charge.  The PMT Process Credit Card screen appears.
  10. Review totals.
    • Note: For some transactions, you can edit the amount in the Taxes field in order to comply with Level 2 processing requirements. When you edit this amount, the amount in the Subtotal field is calculated automatically by subtracting the taxes you entered from the transaction total.
  11. Click Process Payment.  Paya processes the payment.
  12. Click Close to close the PMT Process Credit Card screen, and then the O/E Prepayments screen.
  13. Post the document.