How to Assign Optional Fields to an Account in Sage 300 General Ledger


  1. Open General Ledger > G/L Accounts > Accounts.
  2. Use the Optional Fields tab to add optional fields to store custom information for the account, as follows:
    1. In the Optional Fields column, use the Finder to select optional account fields that you have defined using the G/L Optional Fields setup screen. When you choose an optional field, the program fills in the description and the default value for the optional field.
    2. To change the value for the optional field, use the Finder in the Value column to select a different value.  If the optional field is validated, you must enter a value that is defined for the field in Common Services. If the optional field accepts blanks, you can leave the value blank.  If the optional field is not validated, you can enter any value consistent with the type of field, providing your entry does not exceed the maximum length specified for the optional field.
  3. Use the Trans. Optional Fields tab to add optional fields to be used in transaction details that use the account.  To use the same optional fields for transaction details as you use for the account, click the
    Replace Optional Fields button. Providing you have set up matching optional fields for accounts and transaction details in G/L Optional Fields, the program replaces the optional fields on this tab with optional fields that match those used on the Optional Fields tab. (If an optional account field has no matching optional transaction field in G/L Optional Fields, the field is not used for transaction details.)
  4. On the Detail tab, for the Post To Account option, select Detail.
    • Important! General Ledger does not keep optional field information for consolidated transactions.