How to assign lot numbers to returned lotted items on Sage 300 Purchase Orders


  1. Open Purchase Orders > P/O Transactions > Return Entry.  For more information, see “P/O Receipt Entry Screen” (page 563).
  2. Enter the return as usual, with the following differences:
    1. After entering a value in the Quantity Returned field for the lotted items you want to
      return, press the Enter key or the Tab key to display the Serial/Lot Numbers Allocation screen.  If the correct number already appears in the Quantity Returned field, and you just want to change a lot number already allocated, click the Zoom button in the Quantity Returned column heading.
      • Note: If you selected a receipt number, only the lot numbers from that receipt are listed in the Serial/Lot Numbers Allocation screen. If you did not select a receipt number, enter the lot number manually or select it using the Finder.
    2. To return all the lot numbers that appear in the table, click Return All. “Ye”s appears in
      the Returned column for all items in the table.
      • Note: The Return All button in the Return Entry screen returns all items on the entire
        invoice, while the Return All button on the Serial/Lot Numbers Allocation screen returns only items for the selected detail line.
    3. Allocate lot numbers automatically or manually, as follows:
      • To generate lot numbers automatically, click the Auto-Allocate From option, and
        then enter or select a value in the field that appears. Click the Auto-Alloc button to
        allocate lot numbers sequentially starting with the value in the Next Lot Number
      • To allocate lot numbers individually, select them from the Finder or type the
    4. Click Close.
      • Important! If the Remaining value is not zero, there are still lot numbers to assign. You cannot close the screen until the Remaining value is zero.