How to Adjust a Posted Transaction in Accounts Receivable for Sage 300

  1. Open Accounts Receivable > A/R Transactions > Adjustment Entry.
  2. In the Batch Number field, select or create the adjustment batch to use.
  3. To assign the entry number, click the New button beside the Entry Number field.
  4. Enter general information for the adjustment entry, including an optional description, the adjustment date and posting date, the customer number, and an optional reference.
  5. In the Document Number field, type the document number you want to adjust, or select it using the Finder or navigation buttons.
  6. If the document includes a payment schedule, specify the payment number.
  7. In the table, use the Finder for the Adjust Line Number field to select a detail for adjustment.
  8. Include for each detail:
    • The distribution code or the general ledger account number.
    • The adjustment amount.
      • If you are increasing the amount of an invoice, enter the amount in the credit column.
      • If you are reducing the amount of the invoice, enter the amount in the debit column.
    • If the adjustment is for a job-related document, the contract, project, and category to adjust in Project and Job Costing.
    • If you use retainage accounting, retainage information, as necessary.
  9. Click Add.
    Note: The name of the button changes to Save after you add the entry. If you make changes to the adjustment, later, you click Save to record your changes.