How to adjust a document during payment entry with Sage 300 Accounts Payable


  1. Open Accounts Payable>A/P Transactions>Payment Entry.
  2. Create a new Payment or Apply Document transaction, or select one for editing.
  3. On the detail table, select Yes in the Apply column for the document you want to adjust, and then, in the Applied Amount column, enter the amount you are paying or applying to the document.
  4. With the apply-to document selected, click Adjust.  The Miscellaneous Adjustment Entry screen appears.
  5. Enter a reference and description for the adjustment, and then, for each adjustment detail:
    1. In the Adjust Line Number field, use the Finder to select the document detail you want to adjust.
    2. Enter a distribution code or general ledger account number for the adjustment detail.
    3. Enter the adjustment amount for the detail.
  6. When finished, click Close to return to the Payment Entry screen.
  7. Click Add or Save.
  8. Do one of the following:
    • If you have issued a manual check:
      1. Zero the check number, and then select the Print Check option.
      2. Adjust the invoice to which the payment is applied, and then save the payment.
      3. Edit the payment again after saving the changes, this time clearing the Print Check option and entering the check number.
    • If you have not issued a manual check:
      1. Select the Print Check option.
      2. Apply the transaction.
      3. Save the transaction.
      4. Highlight the invoice you want to adjust, click Adjust, enter the adjustment details, and save the adjustment.
      5. Edit the payment once again to clear the Print Check option and enter the number of the check you issued.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.