How to add or change a distribution set on Sage 300 Intercompany Transactions


  1. Open Intercompany Transactions > ICT Setup > Distribution Sets.
  2. In the Originator field, select the company for which you want to add a distribution set.
    • Note: This company must have Accounts Payable activated.
  3. In the Distribution Set field, select an existing set to edit, or click the New button to create a new distribution set.
  4. If you are adding a distribution set, enter a description of up to 60 characters.
  5. Specify whether the set is active or inactive. (You can change a current distribution set to inactive if you no longer use it, or make a new distribution set inactive if you don’t want to use it immediately.)
  6. If you selected a multicurrency company, specify the currency code for the set.
  7. Specify the distribution method to use.
    • Manual. No amount allocated; you enter the amounts of the distribution manually.
    • Spread Evenly. This method divides the amount evenly among all the distribution details.
    • Fixed Percentage. This method lets you specify the percentage of the total amount to allocate to each distribution detail.
    • Fixed Amount. This method lets you specify a fixed amount for each distribution detail.
  8. Enter route, account, and distribution information for each line in the distribution set.
    • Destination. The program automatically inserts the originator ID in this field. It can be changed.
    • Route Number. Specify the route number that links the originator to the destination. (The route must already exist.)
    • Functional Currency. This field displays the functional currency of the destination company. (This column appears only when the ICT company is a multicurrency company.)
    • Account/Account Description. Select a G/L account that exists in the destination company.
    • Line Description. Enter a description (up to 60 characters). It will be displayed when an ICT A/P invoice is entered.
    • Distribution Amount/Percentage. Enter the amount or percentage apportioned to the distribution line. (This column appears only when you select the Fixed Amount or Fixed Percentage distribution methods.)
  9. Click Add to add a new set, or click Save if you changed an existing set.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.