How to add optional fields to a transaction detail on Sage 300 Inventory Control


  • Note: Optional fields that you assign to a detail line apply only to the particular transaction detail.
    1. Open the Inventory Control transaction screen.  Open Inventory Control > I/C Transactions > Adjustments or Assemblies or Internal Usage or Receipts or Shipments or Transfers.
    2. Select an existing transaction, or enter a new one, as usual.
    3. Select the detail line in the detail table.
    4. Click the Optional Fields column heading.  Inventory Control displays optional fields that are set up for automatic insertion in this type of transaction detail, along with their default values.
    5. Using the Finders, select optional fields and values.
    6. Click Close.
      • Note: When you add optional fields, the entry in the Optional Fields column displays Yes and the Optional Fields check box is selected.
    7. When you have finished editing the transaction, click Save or Post.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.