How to add new additional costs to debit notes on Sage 300 Purchase Orders


  1. On the Additional Costs tab, click the detail entry table, and then press the Insert key to start a new line.
  2. Click the Additional Cost column heading to display the Finder.
  3. Select the new additional cost from the Finder, and then enter information for the additional
    cost detail as follows:
    1. In the Amount field, enter the amount of the additional charge.
    2. Select No Proration as the proration method.
    3. In the Expense Account field, specify the expense account to charge.
    4. Use the Reference and Comments fields to provide more information about the cost.
  4. To change the detail tax class for the new additional cost:
    1. Select the additional cost on the Additional Cost entry grid.
    2. Click the Cost/Tax button or press F9 to open the Detail Costs/Taxes screen.
    3. Change the detail tax class, and then click the Calc. Taxes button to recalculate the tax.
  5. To change the total tax amount for the credit note or debit note (including the tax for the
    additional cost):
    1. Click the Taxes tab.
    2. In the Tax Amount column, enter the total tax amount to credit or debit for each tax
  6. To check the additional cost totals and tax totals, click the Totals tab.
  7. Click Post.