How to Add Custom Crystal Reports in Sage 100


How to add a custom Crystal Report to an individual application module’s Custom Reports menu in Sage 100, using the Report Manager, Add Report to Menu option.


Note: Sage Customer Support does not assist with creating or troubleshooting customized Crystal Reports. For more information, see the Disclaimer above, as well as the Related Resources section below.

  1. Open Library Master, Setup menu, Report Manager
  2. Click Add Report to Menu to launch the Menu Wizard
    • Note: To be able to access the Add Report Menu option, the Sage 100 User Logon must have a Role assigned to it, with the “Allow User to Access Menu Wizard” check box option (in Role Maintenance, Security Events tab, Library Master folder)
  3. On the Menu Wizard, click Next
  4. For Module, select the module application to which the custom report will be added
    • Example: Accounts Payable
  5. For Path and File Name, browse to the custom Crystal Report file
    • Note: The report file name must end with CUSTOM.RPT and be 30 characters or less
      • Example: mycustomreport_custom.rpt 
  6. For Report Name, enter the name you want displayed on the menu for this report
    • Example: My Custom Report
  7. Click Next
  8. Select the applicable the Role(s) that will be allowed to access this report 
  9. Click Finish
  10. Notice under the module’s Custom Reports menu, a new option with the Report name (previously entered) now displays and can be selected
    • Example: Accounts Payable, Custom Reports menu, My Report

Note: The added custom Crystal Report should get copied to the “..\MAS90\Reports” folder on the server where Sage 100 is installed. If it does no exist there, copy it there.