How to add contract prices for a customer on Sage 300 Inventory Control


  1. Open Inventory Control > I/C Items and Price Lists > Contract Pricing.
  2. In the Customer Number field, type the code for the customer for whom you are setting up a pricing contract, or select it using the Finder.
  3. In the Price by field, select a pricing method.
    • If you select Item Number:
      1. In the Item Number field, select the item number.
      2. In the Price List field, select a price list.
    • If you select Category Code, select the code for the product category.
  4. Select Use Lowest Price if you want the program to determine the best price for the customer, regardless of the contract price.
  5. In the Contract Price Type field, select a contract price type, and then fill in the remaining fields, consistent with your selection.
    • If you selected Customer Type, specify the customer type.
    • If you selected any other contract price type, enter an amount or a percentage. You can use up to five decimal places to express the percentage.
      • Note: If you selected Cost Plus Fixed Amount or Cost Plus Fixed Percentage, you must
        specify the cost base, and then enter the amount or percentage.
  6. Enter or select the start date and expiration date for the contract.
    • Tip: For an open-ended contract, leave these fields blank.
  7. Click Add.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.