How to add bar codes to items on Sage 300 Inventory Control


  1. Open Inventory Control > I/C Items and Price Lists > Manufacturers’ Items.
  2. In the Item Number field, enter or select the item number for which you want to add a code.
  3. In the table:
    1. If necessary, press the Insert key to start a new line.
    2. Double-click in the Manufacturer’s Item Number column, and then type the manufacturer’s code for the inventory item.
      • Tip: You can also use a scanner to enter bar codes.
    3. Tab to the Manufacturer’s Item Description field, and then type a description.
    4. Tab to the Unit of Measure field, and then use the Finder to select the unit of measure for this code.  You can use different codes for single items, or for cases, and so on.
    5. Tab to the Comments field, and then type a comment for the code.
  4. Click Save.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.