Error: "The Item Code is Required" Sage 100


Error: “The Item Code is Required” when attempting to create a new inventory item
Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions. If necessary, seek the assistance of a qualified Sage business partner, network administrator, or Sage customer support analyst.


Blank key(s) exist in the file ..\mas90\MASXXX\CIXXX\CI_Item.m4t
Corrupted data in one of the lines in CI_Item

Resolution 1

  1. Open Library Master, Utilities, Data File Display and Maintenance
  2. Open the file ..\mas90\MASXXX\CIXXX\CI_Item.m4t
    • Note: XXX=Company Code
  3. Delete any records with blank Key Fields

Resolution 2

  1. Open Library Master, Utilities, Rebuild Key Files
  2. Select Company and the Module Common Information, Check the CI_Item file
  3. Check the “Optimize and Integrity Check” Boxes
  4. Proceed
  5. Rebuild Sort files in Inventory Maintenance