Email Notifications

Email Notifications are among the actions associated to a workflow rule. They are email alerts that are sent to leads/contacts and users in the organization. When you associate an email notification to a workflow rule, the selected email is automatically sent to the chosen recipients when the rule is triggered for records meeting the criteria specified in the rule.

To Set Up an Email Notification

  • Go to Setup > Automation > Email Notifications
  • In the Email Notifications page, click Create Email Notification
  • In the New Email Notification page, do the following:
    • Enter a Name for the alert
    • Select the Module from the drop down list
    • Browse for and associate an existing email template from the module’s template folder. If you don’t have the template, you can Create Templates
    • Next you have to enter the email addresses in the From and Reply to fields. Here you can choose one of these options in the drop down list
      • your account email address
      • email address of the record owner
      • email address of the current user
      • other user’s email address’s
    • Choose the recipients of the email. The people associate to the email are displayed. When you choose Roles/Groups/Territories/Sub-Ordinates, the email will be sent to the users that are part of the selected category
  • When the Email has to be sent to the users in the organization. It is sent as a notification from the email address: notifications@zoho
  • In the Free edition, you can only send emails to the users in the organization. You cannot choose the Leads or Contacts module to select email recipients. 

View Usage Graph

Email Notifications are used in Workflow Rules, Blueprint, Approval Process, etc. Zoho CRM provides graphs that show the daily or weekly usage statistics of notification across various features. You can view the usage from Go to Setup > Automation > Actions > Email Notifications.

The MoreInfo link provides detailed information on the usage stats. Please note that the graph will cover the usage stats for the past 7 days. 

Data is displayed based on modules, workflow rules, and is categorized by date. 

Email Notifications’ usage statistics can also be filtered based on its usage in Workflow. Approval Process, Blueprint, Modules and Templates.