Edit Client Permissions in Zoho Projects


Zoho Projects


Restrict or give more access to what your clients can see. This will allow them to be able to edit certain modules or view only.


Note: The Zoho Projects profiles that come standard with the software cannot be modified. These profiles are named Admin, Manager, Employee, Contractor, and Client. The best way to restrict/give more access to clients is to create a custom profile.

How to Create a Custom Profile

  1. Click in the top navigation panel.
  2. Click on Manage Users.
  3. Under Profiles and Roles, click on the Profiles tab.
  4. Click the Add Profile button.
  5. Insert a Name for the New Profile. The name cannot be any of the five that are already given by Zoho Projects which are: Admin, Manager, Employee, Contractor, and Client. The permissions in these 5 profiles cannot be modified or deleted. 
  6. Edit the settings under Portal Permissions, Project Permissions, and Module Permissions as desired.