How to Copy a General Ledger Master File Setup (including all account numbers and settings) From One Company Code to Another New Company Code


Sage 100


North America


How to copy General Ledger setup (including all account numbers and settings) from one company code to another new company code in Sage 100.
How to copy General Ledger master files from one company code in Sage 100 to a new company code.


Note: Steps below will not copy company data.

  1. Open Library Master, Main, Company Maintenance.
  2. Create a New 3 character Company Code
  3. Click Activate button
  4. Click Yes, at the prompt to Save Company Record
  5. Select the applicable Modules to activate.
    • Note: Common Information and General Ledger must be selected.
  6. Click Proceed
  7. Click Accept
  8. On the menu select File, Change Company
  9. Select the Company Code created in Step 2 above.
  10. Click Ok
  11. Open General Ledger, Setup, General Ledger Options
  12. Click Yes, at the prompt to setup G/L module.
  13. Click Next
  14. On the Setup Your Main Accounts screen, select option Create the Account Structure and Copy From Another Company, click Next 
  15. Select Company Code you want to copy G/L master file information FROM, click Next
  16. Review each of the following screens in the General Ledger Setup Wizard click Next after each window
  17. After finishing G/L Setup Wizard, verify information on each tab is correct in General Ledger Options.